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Films and Television Shows Starring Port Hope

Our House

(June 2016)

A supernatural thriller based on the film Ghost From The Machine. 

Stephen King's IT

(July 2016)

The movie is based on Stephen King’s timeless novel “It” set in the summer of 1989, and follows seven young friends as they battle an evil presence lurking beneath their small town, which hunts children by using their greatest fears against them.

Filming took place in various locations in the downtown and around Port Hope between Monday, July 11 and Friday, July 15, 2016. Downtown Port Hope had been set dressed to represent ‘Derry, Maine’ in 1989. 

Murdoch Mysteries

 Season 10, Episode 18: Hell to Pay

Star Falls

(July 2017)

 A new Nickleodeon series entitled Star Falls was filmed in Port Hope during July 2017. A synopsis of the show has yet to be released.

Falling Water

(September 2017)

 A sci-fi drama series that will be releasing its second season on US networks.

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