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Haute Goat in Port Hope

– Wednesday 10 October 2018 by Grace Lisa May Haute Goat in Port Hope


One of most recommended activities suggested to me during the visit to our weekend in Port Hope was to visit Haute Goat Farm. The closest I’ve ever been to a goat is probably petting them a fence at the CNE so I was excited to visit Hate Goat Farm. The farm is situated on 200 acres of land with breathtaking views of the Northumberland Hills. They have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpacas Icelandic Horses, Exotic Chickens, Apothecary Garden, incredibly bird watching and beautiful nature trails.

When we arrived at the Farm, the staff was speaking to us about the history & facts of the farm and what they have to offer. Did you know they offer:

Haute Goat Yoga
Haute Goat Shmurgle – which is an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with their Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Guests can play with the goats in a playground designed just for them.
Farm Life Workshops – such as milk a goat, make cheese, basics of beekeeping, keeping chickens and how to make goat milk soap
Gift Shop – featuring delicious goat cheeses, luxury goat milk skin care such as soaps and creams and alpaca products

Watch the Goats Live on their 24 hour GOAT CAM

Brochure of Haute Goat

Girl petting goat at Haute Goat Farms in Port Hope

We all gathered outside the gates of where the goats stayed and the staff let them all out at once and I can promise you it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! We then walked a trail with the little goats running around us and ended up in their playground where we got to pet the goats and play with them!

Goats running out of their pens  goats running out of pen, shot from behind at Haute Goat in Port Hope

Girl petting baby goat while on a spin wheel at Haute Goat Farms in Port Hope

Guy feeding goats at Haute Goat Farms

Girl feeding goat at haute goat farms in Port Hope

This post was done in collaboration with The Municipality of Port Hope but gracelisamay.com remains unbiased in our content.

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