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Welcome to the What's up Port Hope Blog!
Your daily dose of what's happening in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.
A short drive from the GTA, Port Hope sits on a heritage landscape, surrounded by the rolling Northumberland Hills and the thunderous Ganaraska River cutting through the middle of town.

We've got a fantastic events line-up, a strong and vibrant arts and culture community,  amazing restaurants, fashion forward boutiques, stylish spas and salons and great places to stay.

Combied with World famous fishing, magnificent trails through the Ganaraska Forest and along Lake Ontario, and the incredible landscape that's perfect for cyclists, Port Hope provides residents and visitors the best of Urban and Rural adventure. 

Keep checking back for What's Up Port Hope!






The Perfect Small Town Getaway In Port Hope

Monday 21 January 2019 by Jennifer Bauer: Blog VIA Rail

Recently, I travelled to Port Hope, Ontario, about an hour east of Toronto, to participate in a community-based initiative for VIA Rail’s 40th anniversary. While there, I had a job to do, and I hadn’t planned on falling in love with the setting. But every once in a while, life gives us the…

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Exploring Port Hope, 12 Things You Must Do

Sunday 11 November 2018 by Grace Lisa May

EXPLORING PORT HOPE, ONTARIO // 12 THINGS YOU MUST DOSo often we forget how many gems are in our own backyard. There are so many great destinations from Toronto that make awesome weekend trips that we have come to love over the years. We want to share with you our guide to exploring the town of Port…

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A Weekend in Port Hope- Fall Edition

Friday 09 November 2018 by MousseTaco

Fall is a time where kids go back to school and adults return to work from vacation. Usually around now, I start getting wanderlust even though I just got back from a trip home to Calgary! The cool crisp air and the smell of autumn leaves makes me want to be outdoors at every chance possible. If you…

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Salmon Migration Watching

Sunday 28 October 2018 by MoVernie

September is a month where salmon migration happens. In particular, Port Hope, Ontario is “THE PERFECT PLACE” to watch salmon migration. During this Port Hope Press Trip, we got a chance to witness the salmon migration in person. Salmon migration can be viewed along the Ganaraska River in…

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Top Activities To Do in Port Hope

Sunday 28 October 2018 by MoVernie

Port Hope invited us to check out what Port Hope has to offer. We had so much fun in this town that we are back for more fun for a Port Hope Press Trip 2.0 during this fall season. The Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope called themselves “Ontario’s Fav Small Town” for…

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Summer Day Trip in Port Hope

Tuesday 23 October 2018 by Travelling Foodie

Our first time visiting Port Hope, Ontario was during the winter time. When we visited the Ganaraska Conservation Centre for Maple Syrup Day, we know they offer treetop trekking/zip line in the non-Winter times. Between August and September, it is also the Cinook and Coho salmon migration up the Ganaraska…

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Things to do in Port Hope for Families

Tuesday 23 October 2018 by Mary's Happy Belly

Port Hope is close to Toronto! Family road trips are always a fun time! Port Hope is the perfect get-away, as you get the small town experience and it is only over an hour away from Toronto! My family (husband and 2 young kids under 6) and I were invited by the Municipality of Port Hope to discover…

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Port Hope Travel Guide

Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Foodaholic!

Port Hope is a small yet idyllic city about 1.5 hours away from Toronto. It is located at the mouth of the Ganaraska River on the north shore of Lake Ontario, in the west end of Northumberland County. My first time in Port Hope was back in 2012, where we made a quick pit stop at Trattoria Gusto for…

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How to Spend a Weekend Getaway in Port Hope

Monday 15 October 2018 by Diary of a Toronto Girl

Adam and I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Port Hope a couple of weeks ago. We picked up a Ford Explorer courtesy of Ford Canada, and off we went! It was both of our first times in Port Hope, and we were super excited to explore and see what this charming little town had to offer.…

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Horseback Trail Riding in Port Hope

Sunday 14 October 2018 by Grace Lisa May

ONTARIO: HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDING IN PORT HOPEDuring our weekend stay in Port Hope, one of the things on our itinerary was a horse back trail ride at Trickle Creek Farms. With living in the city, horseback riding is not something I can do very often so having horseback trail riding on our schedule really…

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