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Geocaching in Port Hope

Geocaching is a fun, family event that uses Global Positioning Systems technology to locate hidden caches or treasures. These caches are marked with coordinates by satellites and participants use hand-held GPS units to receive coordinates from the satellites. By following the data displayed on the unit, and locating the caches, the participant will be able to experience the natural, historical and cultural features offered by a community such as Port Hope.

A cache can be a physical object, such as container holding a logbook, camera and trinkets from other participants. Or a cache can be virtual, which means it may be a feature of another object. For example, a virtual cache could be an architectural feature on a building, or a historical plaque.

Port Hope Caches: The following caches are located in wards 1 & 2 of the Municipality of Port Hope and they reflect our rich heritage and culture. They feature local history, architecture, stories and natural attributes in a unique and self guided tour. In these twelve caches, you’ll encounter some of Port Hope’s famous characters, places and events so take the time to enjoy this distinctive tour through our town’s history.

Click here to download Port Hope caches.

Click here  for a list of hints.

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